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Konfliktuskezelés, kapcsolatépíté, rendszertranszformáció

The quality of our connection with our body and ourselves determines the quality of our relationships with others and the world around us. The experiences of these interactions weave the story of our life and create the vision of our future.

On my website, you will discover a diverse range of mental health services and resources designed to unlock your true potential and ignite transformative change in your life. By deepening your connections and fostering meaningful relationships through the power of somatic wisdom, you can embark on
a path of holistic well-being and personal growth.

Unlock Your True Potential and Transform Your Life: Build Deep and Meaningful Connections and Thrive with the Power of Somatic Wisdom.

I am Lili Gulbert, a dedicated Mental Health Counsellor passionate about facilitating transformation. I invite you to join me on a transformative voyage through Systemic Activation Counseling. Together, we will untangle the intricate connections that shape your life, empowering you to craft a life defined by embodied resilience and profound well-being.


True well-being transcends fleeting happiness in a world characterized by challenges and complexities. It embraces a profound holistic flourishing that encompasses every facet of your existence. Guided by the principles of cutting-edge science, body-oriented practices, and practical cognitive exercises, I am dedicated to helping you harmonize your nervous system, thought patterns, and behaviors to achieve genuine well-being.


Our journey is more than understanding—it's about transformation through empowered practices. Together, we venture beyond stagnation, embracing balance, connection, inspiration, and focused action. Rooted in distinctive cognitive and body-oriented methodologies, such as systems thinking, somatic learning, and behavior activation, we forge a path toward authentic shifts in mindset and behavior.


My commitment to your well-being extends to a variety of service offerings:


Individual Counseling: Tailored sessions that foster self-awareness, nurture positive behaviors, enhance mindfulness, and promote resilience. There are three types of one-on-one counseling differentiated by intensity.

Group Counseling: Embark on a collaborative journey where shared experiences cultivate a supportive environment for growth and transformation.

Systemic Leadership Activation for Visionary Leaders: A specialized program designed to liberate visionary leaders from stagnation, foster well-being, and amplify innovative prowess.


Whether you are striving to overcome challenges, enhance your overall well-being, or unlock your hidden potential, I am here to guide you. This is an invitation to embrace curiosity and embark on a path of transformation through Systemic Activation Counseling. Together, we navigate life's intricacies, cultivating a resilient, empowered, and deeply meaningful existence.


Feel free to explore our array of individual and group counseling services. If you are a visionary leader seeking to elevate your leadership journey, my specialized Systemic Leadership Activation program awaits. Connect with me to explore how Systemic Activation Counseling can empower you to navigate life's complexities with purpose, assurance, and renewed vitality. Your journey to transformation starts here.

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