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Enter the Realm of Metamorphosis and Unity

Have you ever felt that you must face your challenges alone? This mindset might seem natural in a world fragmented by uncertainties and crises. Although counterintuitive, our biological instincts support the idea that connections with others are essential for growth and flourishing. By fostering authentic and meaningful relationships, we can break free from stagnation, reach new heights in personal development, enhance overall well-being, and collaborate to create a brighter future.


I am here to be your companion on this journey, creating a nurturing space where you can securely embrace connections and learn to consciously amplify your well-being. From achieving inner balance and cultivating self-confidence to fostering curiosity, courage, and purposeful aspirations, I am dedicated to nurturing your holistic growth. Together, we will nurture self-love, channel creative flow, heighten mindfulness, and inspire the authenticity you deserve.


You will undoubtedly encounter obstacles and trials on your journey. However, there is no need to worry because I am here to assist you in transforming these challenges into creative opportunities and mastering the art of living with them.


I am Lili Gulbert, a mental health counsellor specializing in body-oriented practices and systems thinking. How we manage tension in difficult situations is crucial for personal and collective well-being. By reconnecting with ourselves, trusting our intuition, and finding clarity, we can improve relationships in all areas of life—partnerships, families, workplaces, friendships, and most importantly, with ourselves.


"Connection" refers to a process often involving deeply ingrained patterns. My aim is to help you better understand these patterns and empower you to consciously reshape them through individual and group mental health services. This journey will lead you to greater well-being and provide you with tools for sustaining it daily.


With over a decade of experience, I have supported individuals and communities in redefining their ways of being. My journey as a counselor began as a systemic consultant in the business sphere, assisting leaders in elevating their complexity genius, stabilizing their presence, and systematically transforming their business environments. I have shared insights at conferences, delivered lectures to leaders in academies, and guided industry-leading corporations in reinvention and innovation.


As my feelings and systemic perspective shifted from the corporate world, I instinctively focused on aiding individuals in their conscious transformation. Even during my architectural days, I viewed our world as an organic living system. This perspective influenced my architectural design strategies, emphasizing the creation of a more livable and sustainable world. This integrated systemic approach guided my business consultancy and now frames my mental health counseling practice.


My decision to delve into psychology and dedicate myself to helping individuals craft better lives stems from an intrinsic desire. Since childhood, my inner compass has guided me toward making the world a better, more beautiful place through my actions. This inner drive has shaped my career path—from urban rehabilitation to organizational transformation. And now, as a mental health counselor, I assist individuals in reconnecting and consciously reinventing their lives.



Let's embark on a journey of transformation and connection together. Your challenges are not solitary burdens; they are stepping stones to growth. I am here to illuminate your path, guide your evolution, and help you weave a life of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. Welcome to a world where change is not a hurdle but a creative opportunity, and where connection is the key to a brighter existence.


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