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márc. 17., V


Budapest, Hungary

1-Day Systemic Alchemy Workshop

A profession- focused one-day workshop that allows you to become the active creator of your professional life-space by redeveloping and shaping your inner experience space.

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Időpont és helyszín

2019. márc. 17. 10:00 – 18:00

Budapest, Hungary

Az eseményről

This workshop is about You, Me and US, professionals who are looking for a way to regenerate their severed connection with work and thus generate change in their professional lives. I’m offering you a practice space in which you can use your body sensations to explore the world of your professional life and identify its components which have splintered off only to expand and deepen your logic to organize the various elements into a working whole, thus realizing integration that can lead your life out of impasse in the direction of well-being. The lively and light connective force of integration provides the light and vital sensation of health from which we can freely, creatively and flexibly act in our day-to-day lives for the sake of its maintenance.

During the workshop experience, through the reorganizing nature of integration, you can consciously realize the flow of energy and information in your professional life, ordering them into a functional unity:

- as they are shared through our connections,

- as we incorporate them through our physical body,

- as we structure them with our mind.

Systems thinking, bio-systemic techniques and somatic architectural activities provide an opportunity for participants to actively improve their professional lives by connecting to their inherent resources, reinforcing the focus of their attention and practicing flexibility. The development of these skills supports presence, empathy, compassion and cooperation which are indispensable for helping, serving others and making the world a better place. The workshop community ensures an appropriate environment for experiencing these things and consciously realizing them through mutual, open and respectful connections, while experiencing the state of visibility (being seen) and recognition.

The key elements of the process:

- focusing attention,

- reinforcing integration,

- liberating the imagination,

- developing inner resources,

- consciously realizing the us-state of connection,

- the sensation of sense and meaning,

- developing a coherent professional life story,

- expanding professional meaning.

What the shared experience-work has to offer for participants:

- your individual field of view will expand in the professional dimensions of your life,

- your isolating boundaries will break down through credible ties to yourself and others,

- you can sense and identify the obstacles in the flow of your professional life,

- you’ll become able to define your professional meaning as part of a coherent whole,

- you can expand your professional meaning and adapt it through mirroring,

- you can experience the sense of work, which allows you to fulfill your life,

- you can relish the activating power of compassionate care, which allows you to constructively contribute to the shaping of the world.

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