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Introducing Ritual Design (ENG)

Meaning, purpose, and behavior change through the conscious creation of daily habits.
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Introducing Ritual Design (ENG)

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jan. 11. 18:00 – 20:00 CET
Google Meet

About the event


Thank you for your interest in the event!

Take a moment and take three deep breaths.

Make a wish for something for tomorrow: What do you want to experience?

Sketch or write it on paper.

Now fold the sheet and say your wish out loud three times as you start doing it for you.

This is ritual design - when we create new moments and meaningful experiences that make us more joyful, meaningful, and satisfied in our everyday lives. As a system thinker, I believe in the power of rituals as a tool and end goal through which clients can experience their peace, significance, uniqueness, vitality, and connection, so they well-being in daily lives.

The purpose of the ritual design can vary depending on the context. It is different to look at the user experience when designing a city or building. Other than planning the operation of a community, say an organization. It is also different when we put our daily personal lives in the focus of the exploration.

On the online talk, we will go over the latter issue, researching what conscious work with rituals can bring us and how ritual design works in the practice of self-activation counseling.

If you experience a lack of well-being in your everyday life or want to experience it more than once, I look forward to seeing you at the online launch.

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